Arya of Winterfell’s #CBRV Review #19: Global Frequency Vol. I: Planet Ablaze by Warren Ellis

global frequencyThe first volume of Global Frequency includes a collection of six short stories – in graphic novel form!  Warren Ellis partners with a different artist for each story, bringing so much richness to this visual experience.  Played out graphically, these stories take on edgy and sexy as qualifiers and the overall effect is not something I place within a classic “comic book” designation, regardless of the super-powers and violence.

The Global Frequency is a worldwide organization of heroic misfits who step in when all other options fail.  Led by Miranda Zero, the 1001 operatives seem to have 1001 specific skill sets.  Sure they have all the expected characters – scientists, weapons experts, police officers – but also a neuroprogrammer, a parscours runner, and a magician.  The line-up of unique crime-fighters is  equally as entertaining as seeing how each artist portrays the mainstay characters common throughout the stories (e.g. Aleph, a kind of suped-up operator for the Global Frequency).

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