Arya of Winterfell’s #CBRV Review #16: Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life

life after lifeI’m not sure if Life After Life fits in with the “pink cover” class of novels.  I borrowed this novel, KOBO and all, from the friend who chose it for book club and I’ve viewed the cover, as such, in black and white.  Pink cover or not, the cute fox and the light description my friend gave left me with an expectation of a fun read, something playful and within the realm of magic.  From what I understood of the premise, I was expecting a romp like Groundhog Day.  I don’t consider this a spoiler alert, just an alert for anyone else with similar misconceptions as me when I first “opened the cover”, but Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life is wrenching.  In retrospect, I’ve thought ofThe Time Traveller’s Wife with the hallmark non-linear experience of time and Pan’s Labyrinth and reminded myself that stories rich with mystic and magical elements are not necessarily free from serious and dark themes and moods.

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