Badkittyuno’s #CBR5 Review #81: The Infinite Plan by Isabel Allende


Allende’s The Infinite Plan follows the life of one man, Gregory Reeves, from his time as a four year boy traveling the country in a van with his parents until he is an old man. Gregory goes through many changes in his life, living in the barrio for while, attending college, serving in Vietnam and several careers. He also marries, fathers children, has countless lovers and loses friends. As we follow Reeves through his life, we learn about the consequences of his decisions and the affects they have on others.

This was a pretty interesting book. Reeves is not terribly sympathetic, but seeing his through the eyes of his friends and family (Allende switches from first to third person throughout the novel) make you understand why he is loved fiercely by some and hated by others. He’s definitely a unique character.

In the end, I’m not sure how much I enjoyed Reeves’s story versus how much I enjoy Allende’s manner of writing. But either way, I liked it.


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