reginadelmar’s #CBR5 review #34 Attachments by Rainbow Rowell


I’ve not had access to a computer for several weeks, having spent a lot of nights in a tent. The good news is that I have another 8 books under my belt. Lots of reviews to share.

Attachments is the first book I’ve read by Rainbow Rowell and it was such a delight that I plan to read more. Lincoln has spent many years at university and now has a relatively well-paying job as an IT security guy at a Omaha newspaper. His job isn’t to keep the server secure, rather his job is to spy on the but to spy on the paper’s employees by reading their emails. Sounds sleazy, and Lincoln initially meets the creep stereotype. He is 28 and still lives with his mother, he is still hung up on his high school sweetheart and the fact that she dropped him when they went to college together. His social life consists of playing Dungeons and Dragons once a week. In addition his mother is always cooking and feeding him, so he’s gotten rather heavy and inactive.

Lincoln is pretty bored with his job until he starts reading the correspondence between Jennifer and Beth,who spend a good amount of work time talking with each other via email. Even though they know their emails are subject to review, they use email as their primary way to share their personal lives. (No one ever thinks someone is actually going to read their emails do they?)  Jennifer is married, her husband wants children, she’s not ready yet.  Beth lives with her boyfriend of many years, a musician, whose brilliance has only been discovered in small nightclubs around town. The correspondence between the two women is funny, warm and real.

Lincoln is smitten with these women’s lives and in particular Beth, and yet self-aware enough to recognize that what he’s doing is eavesdropping and on the verge of stalking. Nevertheless, he listens in for about a year, as both women go through significant changes in their lives. He even goes to one of the boyfriend’s concerts. At the same time, he too, begins to change. He strikes up a friendship with the woman who fills the vending machines at night, eventually sharing the gourmet feasts his mother sends with him.  So what happens when Beth finds out Lincoln has been spying on her?  Read the book and find out. It’s worth it.

One thought on “reginadelmar’s #CBR5 review #34 Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

  1. I just read Fangirl, also my first book by Rainbow, and had the same experience, “It was just a delight that I plan to read more.” Attachments should be here today (thank you Amazon Prime ;).

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