Lady Cordelia #CBR5 Review #99: Flesh Wounds by Chris Brookmyre

UnknownChris Brookmyre to Christopher Brookmyre is as Iain Banks to Iain M. Banks – the same author but pursuing a totally different style and subject matter.  Christopher Brookmyre is an author I have found hilarious for years – a Scottish writer of some of the funniest satirical novels I’ve ever read.  On the other hand, Chris Brookmyre plays it completely straight with his series starring Jasmine Sharp; a rookie PI in Glasgow.  Flesh Wounds is the third of the series, continuing Jasmine’s story, her connection with the underbelly of Glasgow and her somewhat problematic relationship with the police.

Flesh Wounds begins with the assassination of local crime boss Stevie Fullerton.  Jasmine is pulled into the case when Glen Fallon, a close friend, is arrested for the crime.  Fallon is the logical suspect and all the evidence points to his guilt – seemingly an easy win for the police.  But this is Glasgow, are there are layers of history and bad blood that set Jasmine in a new direction.

This novel relies heavily on characters and relationships that were established in the first two novels: Where the Bodies Are Buried and When the Devil Drives, so I would definitely recommend reading those before starting this book.  At times I actually found myself wishing I had taken the time to reread them myself, as I only half remembered certain elements that were further developed here.  Nonetheless, an absorbing read, well written and full of Glasgow colour that really brings the story to life.

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