Badkittyuno’s #CBR5 Review #73: The Mexican Mafia by Tony Rafael


The extent of my knowledge about the Mexican Mafia and the gangs it controls comes from repeated viewings of The Closer. That is to say, I possess almost no knowledge at all. After reading this book, this is definitely not the case anymore.
Tony Rafael’s expose of the Mexican Mafia, or Eme, is very interesting. And man, did he do his research. He frames the book around a couple of major court cases, and walks the reader step by step through the creation of the Mafia, how it works (in and out of prison) and the justice system’s handle (or lack thereof) on it.
Rafael teaches the reader about the Eme, but his greater goal seems to be exposing how politics and lack of funding have created a world where it functions so well. Gang officers are rotated out of units just as they grasp the workings of their neighborhood, and cases are thrown out due to lack of evidence as the hours of L.A. cops are cut again and again. Unfortunately, Rafael has few suggestions on how to fix this problem, only reasons that a solution must be found.

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