Lady Cordelia #CBR5 Review #97: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

imagesWhat an adorable book.  I read this with a grin on my face, as it was such a good depiction of being at work.  Okay, I might be more of an IM girl with my work friends, but the whole stream of conversation that you can keep up through a day while managing to work at the same time is exactly like this.  I truly hope that my conversation isn’t popping any red flags because I would hate for anyone to read some of the nonsense conversation we get into.

Beth and Jennifer are two friends who work at a newspaper office.  It’s 1999, so email is still a bit of a novelty.  They spend their days maintaining an ongoing conversation about all their shizz – relationship issues, family, everything.  What they don’t realise is that their conversation has raised a flag with Lincoln in the IT Security Office.  At first he reads their emails in his role to monitor the improper use, but he soon becomes drawn into their story.  Though he’s never met them, the more he reads, the more he falls for one of them.  But how can he possibly tell her that he’s fallen in love with her through reading her private conversations with her friend?

This is a wonderful story and I’ll definitely be looking for more by this author.  Though normally the idea of a book written in email conversation would be enough for me to set it aside, here it really is more of a back and forth conversation between the two girls (no painful email formatting etc.) and is further broken up by chapters about Lincoln.  It works really well and I would recommend this novel wholeheartedly.

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