Badkittyuno’s #CBR5 Review #70: Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir by Kathy Griffin


“Of course, I’ve told Jesus to suck it, too, which earned me a certain measure of notoriety, because you have to make fun of any religion that would let you have sixteen kids and say it’s God’s will.”

I thought I’d take a break after 2,000 pages of medieval architecture, and read some junk food. At least, that’s what I thought Kathy Griffin’s memoir would be when I stole it from my sister’s bookshelf. In many ways it is — lots of celebrity gossip and name dropping — but Griffin’s total honesty about the darker parts of her life (both pre- and post-fame) made this memoir much more surprising and interesting than I expected.
I will confess to knowing nothing about Kathy Griffin beyond her two appearances on Seinfeld and Bravo commercials for D-Listed. I had no idea about her public and painful divorce (after she caught him stealing from her), her sketchy relationship with an older brother (whom her family still refuses to acknowledge as a pedophile despite multiple busts) or the recent death of her father. But now I feel like I know her much better, and can say this for sure: that woman has worked her ass off to get where she is today.
Griffin’s memoir is extremely funny at times, and poignant at others. She does throw quite a bit of Hollywood gossip in there for those who enjoy it. What I liked most is how much she obviously loves her family, and the way she constantly describes the strength of her parents’ marriage and their support for her as she has done her best to piss off quite a few celebrities on her way to the D-List.

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