iamnothamlet’s #CBR5 Review #51: Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

Cannonball 51


Justin Halpern takes a lot of sh*t from people about the short-lived television show based on this book and the Twitter feed that precipitated it. I guess a lot of it comes from the fact that people can’t believe a guy could start a simple Twitter feed and wind up with a #1 bestseller and a TV deal. None of that, however, should take away from the fact this book is pretty funny.

Well-written, well, maybe not. Halpern often goes to great lengths to think up new similes, none of which are really worth the effort and too many of them involve better than general knowledge of professional sports. But if nothing else, the younger Halpern has done a great service by being his father’s Boswell. The cantankerous, foul-mouthed Sam Halpern is a marvelous character, dispensing unusual but practical advice for the betterment of his son.

This is obviously a breezy read, one that can be gotten through in a sitting if properly motivated. It was $1.99 on Kindle so I decided it was worth the small amount of time it took. For that little investment, getting to meet Sam Halpern was easily worth it.

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