Fancypants42’s #CBRV Review #28: Paper Towns by John Green

ImagePaper Towns is my second John Green book. The Fault in Our Stars was my first (my everything). I love this man’s writing style. I recently learned through the internet that this author is only 3 years older than me, and that makes me feel either very, very old or very, very young and I’m not sure which. He seems like an old soul. Also quite a bit more accomplished than I am if he’s only 3 years older. He’s been spending his days having an absolute blast on the movie set of TFIOS.

But I digress. Paper Towns. This came before TFIOS I believe. I was completely sucked in. Q and Margo are exceptional characters, although Q himself might argue that he’s nothing next to Margo’s everything. But in the end it’s a story about real people. No matter how much we imagine a person to be one thing or another, no matter what faces they may put on to perpetuate these assumptions – we never really understand the true person underneath. The one they don’t want us to see, won’t let us see.

I was very truly inspired by this idea, as an introvert in a world of extroverts. I always feel that perceptions are so often wrong. And this book was about exactly that. Q idolized Margo. He had this concrete notion of who she was after both one night and a lifetime together. But who Margo Roth Spiegelman really was turned out to be an absolute mystery…and one without a true ending.

The romantic in me wanted this to go differently. The John Green fan in me realized there was no other way it should end.

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