Lady Cordelia #CBR5 Review #84: The Never List by Koethi Zan

UnknownI am now beginning to feel somewhat dispirited by the run of non-thrilling “thrillers” I’ve been reading of late.  Sadly, The Never List has simply reinforced that feeling.

The scenario is truly awful and could have led to an amazing story: four women are locked in a cellar together…  But from there, we find out their captor is a psychotic yet charismatic professor in abnormal psychology whose research has taken him into some very hands-on fieldwork.    There’s also the world’s most inept FBI agent, but he has dreamy green eyes so he gets a pass.  The twists will not be the least bit twisty to anyone who has ever watched or read a story about a psychopath.  The only twisted thing here was the chronology, as it was trying to store up the big reveals for the end… but I think that kind of missed the point.  Knowing that the women would be released all along made the only point of interest, “Huh.  I wonder how they’ll get away?”  The victims also cover the classic tropes of womanhood, almost as if they were some kind of Spice Girls matched set.  Something for everyone here!  We delve into the murky past of our psycho, and what do you know…  There are actually handy explanations for everything!  Sigh.

After the horrific news stories of Ariel Castro or Josef Fritzl, this book feels pretty cheap.  I would rather buy you a copy of Emma Donoghue’s Room that let you read this. Seriously, don’t bother – it will probably be a late night Lifetime movie in a few months anyway.


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