Fancypants42’s #CBRV Review #27: The Search by Nora Roberts

The-search-cover1So yes, I read Nora Roberts. She is the only romance author I treat myself to since Judith McNaught stopped publishing books. (I miss you Judith!) My main loves are sci-fi, fantasy, horror and so many others, but I allow myself this one guilty pleasure. Because it is an escape. It’s a fun little romp in a land where people fall in love hard and not always by choice, the sex is always good, and even when an evil murderer is after you, your strength will get you through anything. What’s not to like?

She does have a pattern, I’m not going to lie. Every book she writes (and she writes A LOT of books) follows the Nora pattern. But it’s ok. I’m not reading these books for any major revelations and I’m fine with that. The Search follows Fiona, an imperfect looking fiery redhead who survived an ordeal in the past only to find that she faces a similar situation again. Enter Simon – the out of towner who accidentally/unreluctantly sweeps her off her feet.

I actually really enjoyed Simon and Fiona. They aren’t perfect, but they’re likable and they make sense together. Sometimes the love stories are a little too convenient and one side or the other protests just the right amount before succumbing to the situation, but these two were alright. Fiona was a dog trainer too which was interesting. I have crazy dogs and it was fun to read about how she trained and I wondered how much of that was based on real research. The setting was also lush – the San Juan islands of Washington state. I’ve actually been wanting to go there and didn’t realize it was the book’s setting when I started it.

All in all, this was a Nora Roberts book. I enjoyed it. But then I usually do.

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