The Mama’s #CBR5 Review #61: Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich

pantiesHolly, a young widower, meets Logan, a too-good-to-be-real trainer to the sports stars, on a flight back from some sort of business relating to her late husband’s estate. Holly is overweight, having turned to food to dull the loneliness of widowhood. She makes a self-deprecating remark about squashing Logan, and before you know it, Logan is offering his trainer services to Holly.

To Holly’s surprise – and Logan’s – she shows up. And she continues to show up and do the work, and the weight starts to come off. Along the way, Holly and Logan form a pretty tight friendship, and they both begin to fall for the other. Holly is all too aware that she’s not Logan’s usual type, and Logan, who runs in the circle of the Beautiful People, is all too aware that Holly isn’t beautiful enough.

There’s also a weird B story that felt like Evanovich was trying to cash in on the 50 Shades hoopla. Logan’s best friend Chase, a star baseball player, and his wife Amanda befriend Holly, and through the course of the story, we discover that when Amanda “acts out”, Chase spanks her. It turns out that this was captured on surveillance video early in the relationship, which was then made public, which of course embarassed the daylights out of Amanda. Amanda uses this story to make Holly feel better about the possibility that she may be embarrased in the tabloids because of her weight.

And that’s where I started to get really angry. Evanovich describes Holly, but never describes her in a way that makes me think she’s morbidly obese. Holly seems a little chubby to me, but nothing that could be considered freakishly large. And yes, good for Holly for wanting to lose weight, for wanting to be healthy, but Holly seemed even more miserable after the weight loss than before. But the final blow for me came when Logan came to the realization that even though Holly was never going to be a size two, skinny little blonde supermodel, he supposed that she was good enough for him.

Quite frankly, Holly, you’re too good for a jackass like Logan.

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