Fancypants42’s #CBRV Review #26: Doctor Who The Nemonite Invasion and Doctor Who Feast of the Drowned

Nemonite_InvasionDoctor Who: The Nemonite Invasion by David Roden is another of the episodic audiobooks read by Catherine Tate. As the Doctor and Donna crash land into the English Channel in pursuit of an alien craft, they realize that they’re smack dab in the midst of World War 2 and the Dover tunnels are full of the busy war effort. The alien craft also crashes and unleashes itself on the unsuspecting British soldiers. Dissension in the ranks complicates the alien invasion even further as a grief-stricken soldier slowly loses his mind.

I liked this story a lot. The Nemonites were an interesting combination of body snatcher/parasite type things. The Doctor understands that if they aren’t stopped, they’ll take over the entire planet. The stakes are (as usual) pretty high. I liked the fact that the majority of the story took place in the Dover tunnels. I’ve actually been there and it’s a really fascinating place. So much history, and this was actually history in the making, leading up to one of the major turning points in the war effort.

Donna develops an easy affection for one of the soldiers, a proper gentleman who fancies her right back. His heroism ultimately saves the day for Donna, the Doctor and the world. It’s bittersweet of course. Nothing for Donna is ever easy or ends happily it seems. She’s always that one step away from finding someone. The Doctor can’t save everyone though. Not everyone. By the end, Donna’s heart is a little heavier and the burden on her shoulders a little larger, but she’s Donna. She keeps her head up and they live to fight another day, she and the Doctor.

1846070627.01.LZZZZZZZDoctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned by Stephen Cole was read by David Tennant. I started these in the wrong order, so had to go back and find the beginning. This is the first of the episodic series, and features Rose and Mickey. I thought David’s imitation/impression/reading of Donna was awesome, but his Mickey is downright hilarious. And amazing. And spot on. Loved it. But anyway, the plot revolves around water, ghosts and sunken ships. Drowned people are making contact with their loved ones to lure them to the Thames, where the loved ones join the drowned and then themselves lure even more people to the water. It’s a morbid version of a pyramid scheme, helmed by aliens (of course). Ancient creatures who want to cover the earth with their plague.

Mickey helps the Doctor and Rose solve the mystery and take down the alien invasion. One of the things that stands out to me with these books, especially this one, is how in character all the characters are. I mean these are stories written by people who don’t write for the show, read by one actor doing all of the voices for the different characters, and yet the characters are all just REAL. Mickey is Mickey in both dialogue and action. The things he says, the way he says them. Same for Rose. Same for the Doctor. I’m so impressed by the level of continuity that is happening in these audio versions. I’m honestly flummoxed as to how they pulled it off. It really is like watching an episode in every way.

I liked this story as it stood on sort of a grand level. The Doctor taking on the Thames again (not like the time he drained it) in a way, saving London’s populace from potential drowning, saving Rose, saving the day. The one complaint I have so far on these audiobooks is that this is the third (of 4) time that we’ve encountered military. Twice British military and once on another planet. I’m ready to branch out from the military for a bit. Next up is Doctor Who: The Resurrection Casket, which I’ve already started and features STAR PIRATES!


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