Fancypants42’s #CBRV Review #25: Doctor Who Pest Control and Doctor Who The Forever Trap

PestControlAudioDoctor Who: Pest Control by Peter Anghelides is an audio story narrated by David Tennant. I just discovered this treasure trove of Doctor Who audio on Audible and I must say I’m pretty darn excited. Tennant reads the narrative in his native Scottish, performs the Doctor’s dialogue as though it’s any regular episode, and does an amazing/hilarious impersonation of Donna Noble for her bits of dialogue. I was grinning to myself the entire time I was listening to this. It’s like a book, but an episode, but just so much fun. I could listen to Tennant read the phone book I think.
The story revolves around the TARDIS becoming trapped on an alien planet where humans and a race of centaurs are engaged in a war. The war is interrupted by the emergence of a parasitic insect species and the two sides have to band together to fight the common threat with the help of the Doctor and Donna. True to form, the Doctor isn’t pleased about the war situation and true to form, it’s the humans that started it. The book runs about 2 and a half hours and is very well written from a Whovian standpoint. I could see the Doctor running about in his usual outfit and Tennant’s performance was (of course) so spot on that I couldn’t help being completely engaged in the story. The continuity is impressive as far as keeping the characters of the Doctor and Donna accurate, which can’t be easy when you’re not a show writer…
Alien planet and giant sentient robot and people-sized bugs and centaurs and fighting humans and the 2nd Great and Bountiful Human Empire. It’s a fun ride and one I will likely listen to several more times (once I finish the rest of the Doctor Who audiobooks of course).
Doctor Who: The Forever Trap by Dan Abnett is another Doctor Who audio story, this time narrated by Catherine Tate (who plays Donna Noble on the show). Since this one also ran about 2 and a half hours, I figured together they make one decent-sized book and thereby together can count toward my CBRV. Catherine did a great job with the narration and her performance as Donna. She also did a great impression of the Doctor and while I prefer Tennant as a narrator, she was very much spot on and I could actually picture/hear him in her reading. (I think they’re friends and have performed together a great many times so that familiarity comes through when they’re asked to imitate each other seems like.)
This time the futuristic version of spam mail shows up on the TARDIS in the form of a man. He offers Donna the home of her dreams in the Edifice, a luxury development. While she turns him down, there is a trick to the system and she and the Doctor end up trapped in the Edifice, fighting for their lives and their freedom. There is a power controlling the Edifice and it has sent the spam man out into the universe to bring the willing and unwilling to live there together, creatures who should never have met become neighbors, and enemies. War breaks out but that’s not the worst part of what’s happening inside the Edifice. The Doctor and Donna have to find who is controlling things in order to save the lives of those who are left and in order to escape.
It was a fun/scary ride. I always know that they’ll get out of it, but it gets stressful just the same. This one was a little more suspenseful than Pest Control because the Doctor was in more immediate danger. Pest Control was more about him fixing a situation and this one was both that and him fighting for his life (and Donna’s). It was also really creepy, which added an interesting angle.
I’ll be plowing through more of these so the audio part of my CBRV will be mostly all the Doctor from here on out. It’s not my fault. It can’t be helped. But I’ll group them together to stay fair to the required minimum lengths.

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