Arya of Winterfell’s #CBRV Review #13: Cooked by Micheal Pollan

cookedI think we may have set ourselves up for an underwhelming Michael Pollan experience by selecting his brand-new-still-in-hardcover title, Cooked, for book club.  Both The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food have thoroughly and positively influenced my decisions about food.  These books, read in my early 20s, have shaped so many more elements of my life than my diet.  We select our next book through conversation at the end of our book club meeting so I was thrilled when one bookclubber put out there that Pollan had a new one, set to be released the very next day.  We’d previously been reading within a “classic” range that had been easy to get from the library or at least cheap at used book stores so no one balked, well, not for long, about the $30 commitment we were looking at.  For me, getting a book that new – I hadn’t done that since lining up in the middle of the night as a teen to get the latest Harry Potter.  So there was some excitement, some anticipation.  And what followed was, of course, disappointment.

Read more here.

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