The Scruffy Rube’s #CBR5 Review #21: Foiled

It’s time for some turbo-charged book reviews, complete with recommendations for those who care for them. They’ll be up here day by day, or if you want to gorge yourself check out my separate blog

For those who love fantasy, fencing or franchises: Foiled

Prolific young adult author Jane Yolen makes her graphic novel debut with this story of a teenage fencing phenom who is coming of age all by herself. As she does so she finds a potential boyfriend and a whole other world in need of her protection.

Yolen has a natural gift for imbuing the work-a-day world with a believable magical undercurrent. So it’s unfortunate that this book takes such a LOOOONG time to get there. It seems unfortunate that you have to wade through seemingly typical teen angst for a few minutes of under-explained fantasy. And while Mike Cavallaro’s illustrations do a wonderful job of selling the contrast between realism and magic, and accentuating the drama of a fencing match. Those who can move beyond the disappointing delay between exposition and conflict will appreciate the set-up for later books. Those, like me, who prefer self-contained stories might like it, but never love it.

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