Captain Tuttle’s #CBR5 Review #47 – Grounds for Appeal by Bernard Knight

The third book in the Richard Pryor series starts with an interesting discovery – a body in a bog, hands tied, head gone. Dr. Pryor is called to check it out, and he brings the lovely Priscilla Chambers, who is filling in for Angela Bray while Angela tends to some family business. Turns out Priscilla is the perfect person for this because she’s not just a forensic biologist, she’s also a trained archaeologist. The body is excavated, and it’s clear he’s not a prehistoric bog man, but a much more recent kill. The cops take this one from there, and actually manage to track down who the guy is and what happened to him – mostly through a series of pretty incredible coincidences.

The other case they’re working on is an appeal – a woman has been (wrongfully?) convicted of killing her live-in abusive boyfriend. Angela comes back, and her biology stuff is instrumental in solving that one. There’s also a bit more ambiguous amorous thoughts – but no one acts on a thing. It’s almost too chaste, even for the 50s.

Dr. Pryor is also working on his vineyard – he’s got lots of land and has decided to become a winemaker. He visits with the only other winemaker in Wales, a French guy with some complicated family history that Richard and Angela try to help with.

These books aren’t going to win any awards, and they’re not going to keep anyone up at night, but they’re reasonable enough for an evening’s worth of reading.

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