Captain Tuttle’s #CBR5 Review #45 – Where Death Delights by Bernard Knight

The author of this book (and the others in the series) is a Welsh forensic pathologist, like his main character, Richard Pryor. Right now there are three books, I’ve read them all, and I giggled every time I thought of the American version doing and saying what the book version did. I’m easily amused.

So, it’s the early 1950s in England and Wales. Dr. Pryor was a medic and pathologist in the war, and worked in the Far East as a pathologist and professor. He returns to Wales after inheriting some property, and goes into the freelance pathology business with a woman biologist he met at a conference. They move into the house and set up shop with Sian, a local girl who does chemical testing.

The interesting thing about these books is that while (at least so far) the pathology folks help solve the crimes, the book also follows the cops and the investigation, and the cops do all the sleuthing for the most part. No one is ever in peril, which made for a nice change in books like this. They’re typical cozy mysteries, in Post-War Great Britain. Of course there are baddies, and murders, and good detailed explanations of the whole pathology thing. And a terrible attempt at banter – but that’s no surprise either, considering the age of the author.

In this one, the group helps determine whether a woman drowned by accident or was murdered. The story isn’t a barn-burner, but it was interesting enough to keep me going, and to bring me to the next two books. If you like basic cozies, you could do worse than this series.

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