Malin’s #CBR5 Review #106: The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand

Dominique Richard worked in an abattoir in his early teens, but is now one of the chief chocolatiers in Paris. His chocolate, like his reputation, is darker and his flavour combinations are much more unorthodox and edgier than those of his rivals. Yet for all that Dominique is known for his volatile temper, his employees all adore him, and treat him more like an older brother than a boss. They all want him to find lasting happiness, not just indulge in meaningless one night stands.

Jaime Corey is recovering from a terrible ordeal. She used to travel the world, trying to develop sustainable farming and fair trade practices among the suppliers to her family’s chocolate empire. Now she’s a mere shadow of herself, slowly recuperating in Paris, resenting the cloying concern of family. Every day, she spends some time at Dominique Richard’s shop, watching him from afar, never dreaming that he’s taking just as much notice of her. Why would the darkly charming and brilliant creative genius have a scarred little nobody like her, when sophisticated Paris ladies keep throwing themselves at him?

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5 thoughts on “Malin’s #CBR5 Review #106: The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand

  1. As I said to Narfna/Ashley in the comment on my other review – I’m going to try. There is no doubt whatsoever that I will end up reading more than 52 books between now and the end of December (I’ve already got 6 more reviews that I need to do), because I read all the damn time. It’s how I cope with things. As I finished the double Cannonball before August (something I have no plans of doing ever again), this is probably the only year when I will realistically have a chance at completing a triple Cannonball.

    The reading is not the problem, the reviewing is. I was a bit “burned out” at the end of July, and spent the first two weeks of August reading nothing at all, or re-reading books I’ve already reviewed at some point, just so I wouldn’t feel any pressure to do anything but enjoy them. Now I’ve sort of re-charged, and feel that I’m probably going to be able to do another 50 reviews after these two, especially if I allow myself the occasional graphic novel, or review of a re-read that I’ve never got round to covering for previous Cannonballs. At this rate, it looks like Travis is going to beat me to 156, and that is fine with me. I’m going to go slow and steady, I really have no wish to burn myself out. I do have five other reading challenges to complete (as well as this one), after all.

  2. I’m reading this now. I’ve already read The Chocolate Thief and Chocolate Kiss. Since there is a new one out this week and I’ve just bought The Chocolate Rose, I’m looking at a quintuple review, I think.

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of Laura Florand in one go. I’m assuming that means you don’t completely hate them. I have the new one as a NetGalley ARC, but have been so buried in work lately that I haven’t had time to read it yet. I am going to allow myself time to read the new Sarah MacLean (Temple’s book!), however, because I deserve a reward for all the correction work I’ve done, and am going to have to do once I finish my own exam in December.

    • I don’t hate them at all, in fact. I really like this one. They kind of sneak up on you. Florand’s new one is published today but I’ll hold off on buying it. Chocolate Touch has two people on the cover who could not possibly look less like the leads.

      I’m so excited about Temple’s book! It’s waiting for me on my Kindle.

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