Lady Cordelia #CBR5 Review #68: Shift by Hugh Howey

shiftWool was actually one of the first books I read this year.  I remembered that I liked it (looking back – 3 stars) but the best part for me was the mystery.  What was this silo?  What had happened to the world?  What was really out there?  Having now finished the prequel Shift I now know the answers, but honestly, I think I liked the mystery better.

This book disappointed me because the grand reveal simply wasn’t all that grand.  I did enjoy finding out more about the construction and population of the silos, but I really just couldn’t get behind the why.  I also found the characters in this book to be less compelling and at some points I really just didn’t care.  I did have to laugh at one point – the description given to the workers who come out of cryo and then spend the next 6 months counting down to the end of their shift when they get to switch off again… that sounds eerily like the people where I work.  And we’re also governed by an aging white psychopath and I can never find a can opener in the lunchroom… OMG!

Chances are I will still probably read the third in the trilogy when it comes out, because I’m a bit of an OCD completist.  That said, I’d suggest Wool to anyone as a good sci-fi book to try, but would probably not recommend Shift.

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