Captain Tuttle’s #CBR5 Review # 44 – The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie

I do love my Agatha Christie novels. I kind of feel like I need to go back and re-watch the Dr. Who episode with her in it, even though the whole premise was pretty silly.

Anyway, this one’s a Miss Marple (which makes me want to go back and re-watch “Murder by Death,” with Miss Marbles and her nurse) from 1942. The story begins with the discovery of a BODY IN THE LIBRARY – a young lady who is a total stranger to everyone in the house. The library also belongs to Colonel and Dolly Bantry, good friends of Miss Jane Marple. The young lady is done up like a tart, which eventually leads to some not so nice rumours about the Colonel (not true, of course). There’s a new guy in town who works in film, who dates a blonde tart, so he’s of course a suspect. But his blonde tart is alive and well. This girl may turn out to be Ruby Keene, a dancer at a hotel (back when people touched when they danced, and not in the grindy twerky way). She’s identified by her cousin, who seems more angry than sad about this.

Ruby had just been taken under the wing of a wealthy widower, who is staying at the hotel with his son-in-law (widower as well) and daughter-in-law (widow) – they’re the only family he has left, because his wife, son and daughter were killed in the same accident that crippled him. The widower took a shine to Ruby, because she was a nice naive girl. Turns out he might have been planning to leave her a bunch of money. Meanwhile the in-laws aren’t exactly solvent, and are totally dependent on dad.

Then another young girl turns up missing, and then dead in a burned out car. Miss Marple of course figures out the connection, and the whole thing, while visiting her friends at the fancy hotel and just generally drinking tea and being Marple-y. The twist wasn’t too difficult to figure out, but the story did keep me guessing for most of the time. I always recommend these books, they’re just fun light reads.

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