Malin’s #CBR5 Review #103: Morning Glories, Vol 1: For a Better Future by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma

Six teenagers, all born on the same day, all just turned sixteen, arrive at the prestigious Morning Glory Academy. The school really isn’t what it seems on the surface, though, and the kids soon discover that the academy is a bit like the Hotel California – you can’t really leave once you’ve checked in. When they try to call their parents, said parents act as if they don’t remember them. Detention is potentially lethal, and you pretty much want to do your best not to be sent to the nurse’s office.

This first trade contains the first six issues in the series, and introduces us to six different teenagers – Casey, Hunter, Ike, Jun, Zoe and Jade. Casey quickly realises that the staff at the academy are not messing around, and tries her very best to withstand their various attempts to control and dominate her and her fellow newbies. Very little becomes clear in these issues, apart from the fact that Morning Glory Academy is not a place you want your kids, and that there’s some seriously nefarious shit going on behind the scenes there.

Full review on my blog.

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