Sophia’s #CBR5 Review #41: Unraveled by Courtney Milan

UnraveledI feel the need to apologize for what I’m about to write. Everyone seems to love Courtney Milan. I swear I’m not that picky but she just doesn’t do anything for me. I decided Milan wasn’t for me when I read Unclaimed a while ago, but everyone’s consistently positive reviews made me think I should give her another try. That and the vague promise of opera sex piqued my interest. So, I optimistically picked up Unraveled (2011).

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7 thoughts on “Sophia’s #CBR5 Review #41: Unraveled by Courtney Milan

  1. I’m kind of anal when it comes to finishing books. I have stopped reading a couple over the years, but usually I’ll push through to the end. And I did like the middle of this one! So, once I got a little more into it, it wasn’t hard to finish.

    • I wasn’t thrilled with the B-plot in Unraveled, but it is a romance after all and something else had to be going on.For me, a lot of my enjoyment comes down to how much I like the hero (or conversely heroine) and if I do, I will finish just about any book, or perhaps skip around until I find the good bits. Smite is pretty epic and Courtney Milan is particularly good at forbidding Protectors. My adoration Ash (despite borderline indifference to Margaret) got me through Unveiled.

  2. I’m sorry that Milan isn’t for you. I generally adore her writing, and this is my all time favourite of hers. You explain really well in your review why it didn’t work for you, it still makes me sad, though. I know that no writer or book is going to be loved by everyone, but I still want people to love Milan.

  3. And that’s what I don’t understand. I love reading your reviews (both Malin and Mrs. Julien) and I like your taste, so I thought it was a no-brainer that I’d enjoy one of your favorite authors. Oh well.

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