Captain Tuttle’s #CBR5 Review #38 – The Slippery Slope by Lemony Snicket

Ah, the tenth in the Series of Unfortunate Events. We’re nearing the end. Each book has 13 chapters, and there are 13 books in the series. However, we’re still dealing with the mess that is the lives of the Baudelaire siblings. The worst thing possible has just happened to them at the end of The Carnivorous Carnival: Violet and Klaus are rolling back downhill in a caravan, whilst Olaf and his gang continue to drive uphill with Sunny. The poor baby. Happily, Sunny is a pretty clever and resourceful baby, but she’s still forced to deal with the awful group, and sleep in a casserole dish.

Meanwhile, Violet and Klaus try to get up the hill to rescue their sister. They meet someone they believed was dead (not one of their parents, but I won’t spoil anything just in case), and come upon the burned-out remains of the VFD headquarters. They get some information in the ruins, and continue up the mountain to save Sunny. They all use their talents to achieve things, with Violet inventing, Klaus reading, and Sunny biting stuff and saying funny words. She also cooks for the baddies, and finds she has a facility for it. Oh, and they run into their old nemesis from the Austere Academy, that nasty chick who calls everyone cakesniffers (whatever that means. I personally love to smell cake, so I’m not sure what her problem is).

The kids end up together, and (thanks to Sunny’s suggestion of “Rosebud”) they use a toboggan to escape from the nasties. As they’re riding the sled down a thawing waterfall, they lose their friend – I wonder if they’ll find him again?!

The stories are fun to read, but I’m wondering if the choice to read them back to back (to back to back . . .) was wise. I’m getting a bit burned out on them, if you haven’t noticed. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel – I only hope that it’s not a train coming for the Baudelaires.

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