Travis_J_Smith’s #CBR5 Review #73: Are We There Yet? by David Levithan


Two brothers, once close, now estranged, are tricked into vacationing together by their parents. Their vacation plays out like every fictional vacation ever, including a Before Sunrise-esque romance minus the nuance, and the two reconcile in its final moments because it’s what a story of this kind demands.

Seriously, there’s no more to it. A time or two, Levithan swindled me into liking it for a quick spurt, telling us how preciously the eldest doted on his younger brother prior to the unexplained split that would occur later. Outside of that, it’s page after page of predictable hogwash. Levithan can’t make me care for these cardboard cutouts, nor can he make them entertaining or, for that matter, funny.

I’m glad it was so short, or else I might not have lasted till the end. And now, my patience is all used up; between this and his chapters in Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Levithan’s put himself on a short leash, and the next book of his I read will decide whether or not he’s abandoned or granted a reprieve.


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