Beletseri’s #CBR V Review 11 First Truth by Dawn Cook

First Truth by Dawn CookI think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a bad habit of buying books that have covers I like. Sometimes that works out in my favor and I read Polterheist, but usually it doesn’t work. That’s the story on this book. When I worked at Borders this book was on the top shelf of the “C”s in Sci-Fi Fantasy and I used to walk by it all the time. When Borders closed it’s one of the books  I picked up towards the end.
First Truth by Dawn Cook is pretty standard fantasy fair. The main character is Alissa. Once she reaches a certain age her mother believes that she has to go to the Hold, a magic school where her father was from. Alissa doesn’t really believe in the magic and since her father mysteriously died during his last journey, there aren’t any real answers. Her mother boots her out of the house and she goes on this long fantasy journey. She meets up with a wandering musician named Strell. Strell has recently found out that his entire family was killed in a flood, he’s kind of morose.

Anyway, like I said, this book is very standard fantasy fair. Alissa is on the hero’s journey and she has to discover her own powers and her family history. Essentially who she is. Strell is along the ride for moral support and because he is the love interest. This book has some really good reviews on Goodreads and Dawn Cook is actually Kim Harrison’s pen name. I wanted to like it, I just found it very mediocre. In fact I’m having a hard time really remembering much about it. There is a very creepy evil guy who has killed all the magicians and taken over the Hold. There is one remaining master who can teach Alissa magic, I kept expecting the book to really pick up, but it never did. Neither of the characters were bad, they just weren’t vivid. I didn’t really fall into the world. It’s not because it wasn’t a vibrant world, it’s just that for some reason nothing really came to life for me. It felt like a fantasy novel I’ve read a thousand times, that never really got on it’s own two feet.
This is the first in a series of four, and normally I have at least some desire to read more but I can barely muster up enough enthusiasm to write this view. Let me know in the comments if I’m really missing out on something.
I give it 2 out 5 books.

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