Lady Cordelia #CBR5 Review #44: Under Your Skin by Sabine Durrant

UnknownI probably would have enjoyed this book if I’d found it in the seatback pocket of an airplane, or perhaps pulled it off a book exchange shelf.  But as it had been recommended to me, I had expected it to be good.  And it wasn’t.  This is one of those throwaway mystery novels that completely revolves around its “satisfyingly unexpected ending” that it feels like you’ve plowed through 300 pages of pabulum only to get to the final chapter, and then be seriously underwhelmed.

This is not a bad book – it’s quite well written, it’s simply just not that interesting.  Gaby Mortimer is a daytime TV host with a seemingly splendid life in London.  She has the uber successful husband, the gorgeous daughter, and a beautiful home.  But when she finds the body of a young woman while out for her morning run, things start to fall apart.  The police show an unexpected level of interest in her as the potential murderer, her husband’s emotional distance grows, her employers are quick to separate themselves from her, and yes, there is a laughably predictable scene where she stands in the bathroom and hacks off her beautiful red hair when it simply all becomes too much.

The back cover promises:

Under Your Skin is an unpredictable, exquisitely twisty story, which proves that only three rules in life mean anything: assume nothing, believe no one, check everything.

Yeah….  Don’t assume this is a good book, don’t believe anyone that tells you it is, check to see if there is anything else to read before picking it up.

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