Malin’s #CBR5 Review #54: Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole

2.5 stars

Trehan Daciano is a Dacian vampire. Dacia is a realm hidden in mist (so hardly anyone knows where to find it) and Trehan’s job, is to hunt down and kill anyone who finds out about Dacia or the Dacians before they can tell anyone about them, or how to get into their super secret realm. Being a Dacian vampire also means that you don’t drink blood directly from their victims or some virtuous thing like that, they may even drink only animal blood, it doesn’t really come up, but Trehan and his relatives are wicked smug about it. Trehan, one of the princes of the Realm, has lived for nearly nine centuries, and is pretty bored. All he does is read, play with his extensive weapons’ collection, occasionally hunt down and with ruthless efficiency kill any threats to Dacia. He and his cousins, all in line for the Dacian throne appear to try to playfully murder one another, but even that seems to be losing its charm.

Then, as he is trailing a demon who visited Dacia and then broke the decree about never leaving, he meets his fated mate (all of Kresley Cole’s vampires, and werewolves, and most of the demons have one fated person who they’re waiting for, and once they meet them, they can’t think of anyone else). Unfortunately she is in love with the demon he is determined to kill, and also the prize in an epic tournament, where the winner gets her hand in marriage, and control of the throne of Abbadon, her kingdom. Read more on my blog.

4 thoughts on “Malin’s #CBR5 Review #54: Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole

  1. I can’t disagree with your assessment. But there is something about Kresley’s books that just work for me. They’re fun disposable pieces of fantasy romance that have the right mix of whatever it is that works for me. They’re like McDonalds fries – simple, predictable, full of stuff you wish wasn’t in there, and yet compellingly tasty. That said this was the weakest one in a long time. And I frankly thought Lothaire was pretty weak (I never and still don’t buy into him falling for the Coal Miner’s Daughter, nor do I believe that Coal Miner’s Daughters still exist).

    • Oh, up until Lothaire, Cole’s books were my favourite guilty pleasure. I totally didn’t believe the bit with the Coal Miner’s Daughter, although I find him enjoyable enough that I still let most of my niggles for that book lie. If I have to suffer fated mates, I at least want to be entertained, and Lothaire entertained me. Shadow’s Claim was a bit of a slog in parts, and I don’t really need my guilty pleasure lady porn to be boring and a chore to read. I just forced myself through the entirety of Anna Karenina for that.

    • Yup. If my recollection serves me right, she likes her drama, and there tends to be some sort of stupid Big Mis. I must admit, they’re a guilty pleasure of mine, but I’m not exactly gutted that she only has on Immortals After Dark release out per year. With other authors, I want an enormous back catalogue and two-three releases a year (Courtney Milan, I’m looking at you!).

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