Captain Tuttle’s #CBR5 Review #27 – The Dark Monk: A Hangman’s Daughter Tale by Oliver Potzch

Book #2 in the series picks up not long after the events of the first book. Things have gone back to semi-normal in Shongau. It’s Winter, the snow is deep, and “doctor” Simon is called to the next town over to tend to a priest who has been poisoned. It’s murder, of course, so Jakob Kusil and his intrepid daughter Magdalena (with whom Simon is in love) get involved.

There’s a whole new cast of characters added to the Shongau locals – including the priest’s sister and a group of creepy monks. Oh, and the Knights Templar, since I think mystery/thriller writers are bound to use them in at least one story. The poisoned priest may have stumbled upon the lost treasure of the Templars, and the creepy monks don’t want anyone to find it but them. They somehow have a man on the inside in Shongau, and send Jakob off to chase robbers in the woods (which he of course figures out pretty quickly).

In the meantime, Magdalena is in peril (as she was in the last book), everyone is running around the countryside trying to find her, the treasure, the murderer, and maybe some other stuff. Potzch has definitely done his research, and knows the countryside well (he even includes a little travel info at the end). He can certainly spin a good yarn, too. There’s a bit of an interesting twist at the end that caught me a little bit by surprise, which I enjoy in murder mysteries.

Like I said in the last review, I enjoyed these books enough to recommend them to my mom – and if they’re good enough for mom, they’re good enough for everyone.

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