Katie′s #CBR5 Review #12: The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Nature Photography by Jim Miotke

Title: The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Nature Photography
Author: Jim Miotke
Source: library
Review Summary: A great practical guide to taking better pictures, very well organized and with useful tips for any photographer.

There were so many things to love about this book, I’m almost not sure where to start. I suppose what jumped out at me the most was how practical the advice was. There are checklists of the most important things to remember from each section; little boxes with advice on practical concerns such as bringing camera gear out into the elements; and “assignment” sections that suggest ways to practice new techniques right away. I was most excited about the assignments so I was especially pleased that these were all included in the index, making them easy to refer back to.

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2 thoughts on “Katie′s #CBR5 Review #12: The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Nature Photography by Jim Miotke

  1. Great review. This book looks really interesting, but I was wondering if you’d also recommend it for people new to photography (like me) or if there’s another book that covers the basics that you’d recommend. Thanks!

    • I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re only interested in the basics, since this is very focused on nature photography. But if you are particularly interested in nature photography, I think this does a good enough job covering the basics that you could very easily google anything you had questions about. It does start with a section just on the basics and I thought it explained things pretty well 🙂

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