Kash’s #CBR5 Review #14: Sugar in My Bowl: Real Women Write About Real Sex by Erica Jong

When I read about this book in an issue of Bust magazine, I was very excited. I bought it immediately but it took me at least a year to sit down and read it. The pretext of this collection of essays is about the best sex you’ve ever had. Whether fictional or non-fictional. Each author was asked to write about sex, and there were various various differences from author to author.

Many women wrote about their personal lives. Others created a dreamscape of amazing sex and the circumstances surrounding it. One drew pictures. One created a longitudinal study. And while each piece was unique and for the most part wonderfully written, there were so many of them that I was bored by the end.

There were two essays that stood out to me, one had to deal with sex and illness, and the other with the idea of sex and love changing from generation to generation.

I wanted more from this book. I wanted more discussions of sex and how it influences everything, not just thinking about the fact that you didn’t want to have sex after you had a kid, or that the best sex ever is around the corner just you wait! I wanted something deeper (ummm), but I wasn’t satisfied (…).

The essays on their own are not the issue, it’s the compilation of all of them together that’s problematic. It’s not too long, but there are too many essays that are so different and don’t flow in an easy to read manner. More of an editing complaint.

So grab it if you will. I can’t recommend it as a whole but I am interested in researching some other works from certain authors based on their writing abilities.

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