Lisa Bee’s #CBR5 Review #17: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze RunnerDashner, writing about running through a maze… huh. I just realized how much that seems like a terribly unintentional pun. In any case, The Maze Runner is the first book in the young-adult dystopian trilogy of the same name. It first came onto my radar when I saw one of those “If You Liked The Hunger Games then you might like…:” lists, and it sounded kind of interesting, if only because most of the young-adult fiction I’ve read over the years has been somewhat female-centric (I don’t know why, it just has been), and this one is centered around a society of boys. Then, I heard some internet whisperings that this was going to be another YA series being adapted for film, with actors such as the strangely endearing Dylan O’Brien, the stunning Kaya Scodelario, and that cutie-patootie Thomas Brodie-Sangster in the lead roles, and my interest was peaked all the more, hence, my delving into this novel.

And was my intrigue warranted? Yes, it certainly was. While the novel has a couple of parts that are reminiscent of usual dystopian stories (and in this way has a moment or two of predictability), it kept me incredibly enthralled throughout; I actually let out an audible gasp or two at a few parts, which hasn’t happened to me while reading a book in a long time. It’s one of those novels which is very easy to read, and you will likely get through quite quickly, due to the fact that there is so much mystery surrounding the whole setup that you just want to keep flipping the pages to figure out what in the world is actually going on.

If you have been sufficiently intrigued, my full review can be found here.

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