Badkittyuno’s #CBR5 Reviews #28: Five Fortunes by Beth Gutcheon


Beth Gutcheon’s Five Fortunes starts with five (duh) women who meet in a fancy fat farm, and follows their intertwined lives for a year after. It was a fluffy, feel good novel that I’ll probably have forgotten about entirely in six months, but I still enjoyed it for a weekend and don’t regret reading it. It would make an excellent airplane or beach book, for anyone looking for that.
The main characters are: Amy (an unhappy housewife), her extremely overweight daughter Jill, an elderly rich woman named Rae (she’s spunky! she does cartwheels!), a divorced PI named Carter and a recently widowed politician’s wife (Laura). They meet at a fat farm, enjoy each other’s company for a week, and return home. Then some life-changing events occur for each, and they end up leaning on each other for support.
Everyone in this book is fairly wealthy, good-hearted and intent on helping others. The bad guys are all caricatures you can root against.  Like I said, maybe not the mostly groundbreaking novel of all time, but an quick read that will give you some warm fuzzies.

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