Lady Cordelia #CBR5 Review #31: The Villa by Nora Roberts

UnknownI was in dire need of a light read after finishing Mo Hayder’s The Treatment, which stuck with me much longer than I would have liked.  I grabbed this novel off the library returns trolley, and it was actually surprisingly okay.

Tyler and Sophia are both heir apparent at neighbouring vineyards in the Napa Valley when a merger is announced.  His focus has always been on the growing and making of wine; hers has been the marketing and distribution side.  Though tempers flare as they realise they are now in direct competition with one another, surprise surprise, it isn’t too long before they cave to their inevitably intense physical attraction.  Oh, there are also a couple of murders and a variety of dastardly goings on, but this is really a romance set against the actually quite interesting backdrop of winemaking.

Maybe I wasn’t quite the target audience, as I found myself skimming over the sex bits to get back to the wine factoids, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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