taralovesbooks’ #CBR5 Review #19: The Summer I Died by Ryan C. Thomas



Cannonball Read V: Book #19/52
Published: 206
Pages: 174
Genre: Horror

I have to admit, I put off reading this book for a long time due to the reviews saying how gory and disgusting it was. I’ve read a lot of horror and I’m pretty sure my goal back in high school/college was to find the grossest horror novel of all time, but since I’ve gotten a little older I’ve realized that I no longer like gore just for the sake of gore. I like a story and good characters too. So ultimately, that’s why I finally decided to read this novel. Although it’s hailed as being extremely gross, it also supposedly has solid characters.

Roger and Tooth are best friends. However, this past year Roger went off to college while Tooth stayed in their hometown. The reunite over the summer and take a trip into the woods to drink beer and do some target practice. When it’s almost dark, they hear a woman screaming. After some debating, they decide to go find her in case she’s hurt or needs help. Unfortunately, the crazy man who is chasing the screaming woman starts chasing Roger and Tooth as well. Then he chains them in his basement and tortures them.

Read the rest in my blog.

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