Shucks Mahoney’s #CBRV Review #25: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes/But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes by Anita Loos

Following hot on the kicked-up heels of F. Scott’s flappers, the next book in my Roaring 20s season was the delightful and decadent Lorelei Lee. This high-minded mademoiselle has a frantic schedule thanks to her gentlemen friends (and she’s very friendly), but she still makes time for literary achievements – narrating these two giddy romps about her and her Best Frenemy Dorothy Shaw. In Gentlemen Prefer… they embark on a cruise to Europe to soak up some culture and the occasional tiara, and one of them even manages to nab herself a husband. In the somewhat racier sequel, Lorelei gives us the story of Dorothy’s misspent youth, entirely for moral guidance, you see.

The writing still crackles with wit, and there were some solid LOLs to be had. It’s dated in parts, but mostly charmingly so, and I enjoyed the bejeezus out of it.

4 thoughts on “Shucks Mahoney’s #CBRV Review #25: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes/But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes by Anita Loos

    • I was surprised how well the humour held up, given how comedy can age badly, but it was a box of sunshine. Plus tiara-wearing tips and a guide to the great cities of Europe.

      • Shucks Mahoney, dunno if this is your kind of thing but Go Fug Yourself just linked to an article on the Joseff of Hollywood studio — it’s a warehouse in Burbank! Anyway they made the costume jewelry for this movie, not pictured in the article sadly, but there’s a bunch of eye candy like Rhett Butler’s cigar case, a drawer full of jeweled daggers, and a bunch of the gold pieces from Cleopatra. If you like tiaras and boxes of sunshine you may enjoy 🙂

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