Malin’s #CBR5 Review #35: Love Irresistibly by Julie James

Brooke Parker has worked her way up from being a scholarship kid to working as General Counsel for one of the top restaurant chains in Chicago. She’s proven to be extremely capable, but the job demands a lot of her time. So much so, that the hot doctor she’s been dating, just dumped her, saying he never sees her, and it’s like dating a guy. Pretty much the same story as with the last two guys. Having been dumped by three men in the last eighteen months makes her consider taking a relationship sabbatical.

Then assistant DA Cade Morgan walks into her office, needing her help to catch a dirty politician in the act. The DA’s office and the FBI need to plant a microphone in one of the restaurants that Brooke’s company owns, and she’s the person who can make that happen. A former college football star and rising golden boy in the Chicago DA’s office, Cade is used to attention. His last three girlfriends claimed he was emotionally unavailable, but he’s not particularly bothered by his bachelor status. Sparks fly when he and Brooke face off against each other, and while they both try to deny the attraction, it doesn’t take long before they’re meeting for something more than business as well. Can two people who’ve been accused of working too much and sharing too little of themselves make it work? More on my blog.

8 thoughts on “Malin’s #CBR5 Review #35: Love Irresistibly by Julie James

    • P.S. I just bought it and will give it a go. I can’t face any more bad historicals, no matter how much fun it is to write the CBR reviews. Would it be possible to take a boo* at your autobuy list?

      *Canadian slang, I find it comforting to use it.

      • My auto buy list is as follows (only listing romance, as I’m pretty sure you’re not interested in any of the other genres at present):
        Courtney Milan
        Tessa Dare
        Julie Anne Long
        Sarah Maclean
        Julie James
        Joanne Bourne
        Loretta Chase (although she’s not exactly been on top form with the Dressmaker series)
        Julia Quinn (again, not exactly impressing me with the Smythe-Smith books so far, but she gets a pass for her awesome backlist)
        Meredith Duran (had a scare there with At Your Pleasure, but she’s back in my good graces)
        Sherry Thomas (I know you don’t like her, but I do)
        Laura Florand – she won me over with her contemporary Paris romances. I’m a sucker for imperious men, chocolate and pastries

        Currently also buying, but these are subject to more scrutiny. Usually don’t buy them straight away, and prefer to get them in a sale:
        Eloisa James – I really like her vaguely fairy tale inspired romances, but she’s been pretty meh in the past
        Suzanne Enoch – I like the Scandalous Brides series, it’s not awesome, but entertains me.
        Lorraine Heath – will be subject to review once the last Lost Lords of Pembrooke book is out later this year. If she starts something new and interesting, I may keep buying her books.

  1. This is a completely self-serving comment by has anyone EVER met someone named Cade? I feel that name shows up all over romance novels but I have never met or heard of anyone with that name.

    • Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s a name that only exists in romance novels. What makes it extra funny is that this is the second romance I’ve read in less a month with a main character called Cade, only in The Chocolate Thief, it was the heroine’s name. So it’s apparently unisex! Ha!

    • Maybe it’s not so far fetched afterall. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a marketing decision behind it. I guess they’re kind of like soap opera names. I found this info on the Social Security Administration name database:

      Similar male names for births in 2011/Name Rank: Cade 347 , Caden 136, Caiden 286, Camden 160, Cayden 150, Kade 411, Kaden 119

      So Caden was probably in the top 100 if you combine the spellings. By comparison, Little J’s traditional Scottish name didn’t even make the top 1,000. My name with my spelling was #70.

      What I wonder about are the historical names. All the Sebastians, Luciens, and Tristans. I think I need to update my name tally! When last I left it, Simon was trouncing the competition.

  2. Thanks for the list, Malin! I’ve just updated the Tally with recommendations. Plus, Simon is still the most popular name for heroes.

    I’m looking forward to your review of the new Enoch. Did you ever get a chance to read the Kate Noble?

    • I will probably read the new Enoch in the next couple of weeks. With regards to the Kate Noble books,I still have those lined up. Have been very swamped with work lately, and course work reading, and I’m trying to not vary the genres I read a little bit more. But reviews will be coming. Until I’ve finished my first Cannonball, I review everything I read, whether most people are interested in reading the reviews or not.

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