Teresaelectro’s #CBR5 review #2 – Incubus by Carol Goodman

Incubus (also known as The Demon Lover under the Juliet Dark pen name) is the first book in the Fairwick Chronicles. Callie McFay has just finished her degree, specializing in myths and folklore with a nice emphasis on the vampire genre. She is a NYC gal and would love to settle down teaching at NYU. Mysteriously, she ends up taking a job at her second (back-up really) choice – Fairwick College, nestled in a remote NY town. She is drawn to the beautiful house of her favorite author, Dahlia La Motte. Not to mention she is experiencing lust-filled memories of a dream she had of beautiful man from her childhood. She can’t resist the temptation, so she takes the job and even buys her literary idol’s house!

Read the rest of the review on my blog:


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