Josephine’s #CBR5 Review #15: The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert B Parker

The-Godwulf-Manuscript-9780440129615This is the Crime writing debut Novel of Robert B Parker who went on to write 68 more before his untimely death by heart attack in 2010, and 39 more starring his best known PI, Spenser who is introduced here.

Robert B (Im sure he wouldn’t have minded my calling him that) is probably the best  hardboiled,

detective novelist of our time; in the Big Mac, big man genre as described by me in Review 14.

To repeat myself (yes I am that lazy)

“A great hardboiled seventies detective novel…If you are familiar with Ed McBain or Robert B Parker etc then you know what the above sentence means and it will be enough for you. If not, than maybe this will help: this kind of Detective fiction is the Big mac and coke of reading experiences (or the burger of your choice) meaty, masculine, quick and consistently satisfying.”

And if you have not met Spenser before than you really should, he is one of literatures better characters.

For the geeks he is the wise-cracking Spiderman of the PI world, intelligent, flawed, strong yet hopelessly romantic. For the Romantics he is all the above as well as a true gentleman and a REAL man: a lover and a fighter. And for the Crime lovers he is the epitome of seen it all lived it all world weary detective, who still has a passion for life and a strong moral code and is endearingly human. Written in such a way that it could be you tramping those mean streets and making mistakes and eventually saving the day.

And for gourmands like me, that man loves to eat!

So the very first, maybe not the best, Spenser novel, but good, very good and no worse for being a bit old and old school, just like Spenser himself.


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