Josephine’s #CBR5 Review #9 : Love by Angela Carter

Ah the wonderful Irony! The only good thing about having forced my way raving and choking through this pretentious, tedious book is that I can unashamedly borrow from my favourite musical (Wicked), and do this:


What is this feeling,

So sudden and new?

I felt the moment

I laid eyes on you;

My pulse is rushing;

My head is reeling;

My face is flushing;

What is this feeling?

Fervid as a flame,

Does it have a name?

Yes! Loathing

Unadulterated loathing

For your prose;

Your verbosity;

Your contriving;

Let’s just say – I loathed it all

Ev’ry vapid metaphor, however small

Made my very flesh begin to crawl

With simple utter loathing

There’s a strange exhilaration

In such total detestation

It’s so pure, so strong!

Though I do admit it came on fast

Still I do believe that it can last

And I will be loathing

Loathing you

My whole life long!

Not quite as self-indulgent as Ms Carter and a lot more fun!

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