Jen K’s #CBR5 Review #26: The Descendants by Kaui Hart Hemmings

Like probably everyone else, I heard of this novel when I heard about the George Clooney movie, and it just didn’t interest me. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last Clooney movie I saw – probably one of the Ocean movies. He seems like a charming nice guy, but I just don’t quite share the same opinion about his appeal as everyone else. Thus, if anything, Clooney’s involvement made me slightly less interested. After all, it sounded like a simple enough story. While that is the case, I couldn’t believe just how much I enjoyed this novel. It was just very well-written, very realistic, and it didn’t seem like it provided easy answers. It is obvious how the narrator, Matthew King, has been deluding himself, how he has been an absent father, but he shares enough for the reader to make their own judgements and decisions. Since I had finished The Tiger’s Wife before reading this, I appreciated a narrator and character that I could feel connected to. While I didn’t agree with everything King did or has done, I understood his reactions, I understood him, and I cared for him.

Read more details here.

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