Arya of Winterfell’s #CBR5 Review #5 Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See

3351651448_26385e1f03_zMy edition of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan includes one of those “Reader’s Circle” sections at the back of the book.  I’m wondering, if bibliophile refers to a person who has a great love of books, what would be the term for a person who has a great love of book clubs?  In fact, I’m now wondering if perhaps blogging book reviews with CBR5 is actually a response to not being satisfied with my contributions to book club discussions…

Anyways, I read what Lisa See wrote about Snow Flower and the Secret Fan before I sat down to write my reflections on this novel and I’m finding her commentary colouring my impressions so deeply I might as well quote her, keep my words few, and be done with it!  I deeply I connected and identified with this book and See describes how this could be true for a North American reader in 2012 reading this novel set in 19th century China: “on the surface, we as American women are independent, free, and mobile, but at our cores we still long for love, friendship, happiness, tranquility, and to be heard.”

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