alwaysanswerb’s #CBR5 Review 09: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

200px-Let's_Pretend_This_Never_HappenedSo we don’t need to recap this one, right? Since this book has essentially become destined to be reviewed at least once a week? You reap what you sow, cannonballers! If everyone is going to talk about how great it is, the rest of us are going to want to read it!

Anyway, there can’t be much left to say about either the content or the quality of the book. It’s definitely funny, but there is a noticeably more raw quality to the humor and writing that I think is indicative of The Bloggess’ background (blogging, obviously, as opposed to “novelist.”) The humor here is pretty organic, derived from humorous situations, rather than constructed “jokes.” But as we all know, you still need the right wit and timing to re-tell a funny story and have it still be funny, as opposed to “I guess you had to be there,” so Lawson definitely succeeds on that front. You do get a lot of “And then I punched the dog in the face. Just kidding, that didn’t happen. But what actually happened is even worse. I bet you’re getting nervous, but that’s okay, because getting nervous burns calories. So really, you should be thanking me.” Personally, I respond really well to that in blogs, but it felt admittedly weird to be reading it in a hardbound book. I know that makes no sense, but it’s the truth. And since I still did laugh and grow really fond of everyone in the memoir, I’m not going to actually “penalize” the book for my own cognitive dissonance.

So, anyway, recommended, yadda yadda, in case you were waiting for my final say.

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