Beletseri’s #CBRV Review #5-7

I’ve got three more reviews to post. Two of them are from what I call the “sexy dragon series” and the other is a fantasy novel. Enjoy!

Last Dragon Standing

Last Dragon Standing

Fire Study

Fire Study

About A Dragon

About A Dragon

Review #5 About a Dragon by G.A. Aiken
Review #6 Last Dragon Standing by G.A. Aiken
Review #7 Fire Study by Maria Snyder

2 thoughts on “Beletseri’s #CBRV Review #5-7

  1. The sexy dragon books show up on “recommended for you” on Amazon every now and then. The great reviews catch my eye but I’ve never been able to get over the cover art and the whole “sexy dragon” angle. But maybe based on your review I’ll have to give one a try. Is there a “best of” that I should start with?

    • I really enjoyed #3 What A Dragon Should Know because the heroine is smart and funny. But they all operate in such tight succession. You’ll miss out on some stuff by starting with the 3rd one. It’s actually one of the things I really like about this series is while each book focuses on one couple, those couple’s show up in every one else’s books. The whole series kinds adds up to the story of this ridiculous dragon family.

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