Lady Cordelia #CBR5 Review #12: Murder on the Ballarat Train by Kerry Greenwood

UnknownThe third in the Phryne Fisher stories by Kerry Greenwood, this is another fun, light read.  In this story, our glamorous heroine is travelling to country Ballarat with her loyal maid Dot, when a murder occurs.  And in the first class carriage – how appalling!

Set in late 1920’s Melbourne and country Victoria, Phryne uses her sassy wiles and ladylike pistol to investigate the murder, which leads her into an underworld of mesmerism and prostitution.

There really isn’t a lot to be said about this book, as it is a quick light read, but I found the style to be engaging and the characters and historical context very interesting.  Again, one of the most interesting things for me was the description of olde worlde Melbourne (the derelict housing of Seddon, the fleshpots on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy).  Greenwood writes interesting, strong female characters and the dialogue feels natural and appropriate for the time and location.  I’m not sure if someone unfamiliar with Melbourne would be delighted as I am with these books, but I plan to continue to read my way through Phryne’s adventures.

Yours truly, Lady Cordelia

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