Angela Baldwin #CBR5, Review # 5: Rise to Love by Lynn Hagen

Rise to Love

I always look forward to a new series from this author, but I will say that for me this book got off to a little bit of a slow start. After the initial slowness though it picked up quickly and I spent half the night reading just to see what happened next. I love a good paranormal story and this one is definitely that and more. Shifters, murder, intrigue and a great many characters that you follow on their adventures as the Changlings fight for their very existence.

Rick and Dorian are the main focus of this first book in the series. Rick is Alpha of the werewolf pack and District Manager of the local grocery store chain. Dorian is one of his employees and a very unwilling candidate to become the alpha’s mate. The change in attitude of both these characters over the course of the story was fun to watch and the secondary characters like Nate, Benito and Miguel are intriguing side stories. Hopefully these guys will get stories of their own during the course of this series.

Running for their very lives, Rick and Dorian are forced to learn to work together and rely on the assistance of strangers to keep pushing on for answers as to why they are being hunted and accused of crimes they didn’t commit. I am very much looking forward to the next book in this series.

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