Lady Cordelia #CBR5 Review #11: Flying Too High by Kerry Greenwood

UnknownAfter enjoying the first novel in the Phryne Fisher detective series set in 1920’s Melbourne, I immediately started on the second.  Flying Too High finds our heroine on the trail of a kidnapped girl and assisting a man accused of his father’s murder, all while flying planes, shooting her pearl-handled revolver, looking fabulous and seducing the local menfolk with her beguiling charms.

Phryne has now settled in Melbourne, moving out of her suite at The Windsor, into a house on The Esplanade (I wonder if the Espy was around back then?)  Again, the historic detail really fascinated me in this story, without it ever feeling heavy handed or gratuitously wedged in.  A number of favourite characters from the first novel also reappear in this adventure, and I rather suspect they will form a regular cast for the remaining books.

Although I didn’t enjoy this story quite as much as the first, this was another enjoyable light read and I hope that the series continues in the same vein.  I’ll be starting book number three shortly!

Yours truly, Lady Cordelia

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