Malin’s #CBR5 Review #11: One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah Maclean

4.5 stars

Yes, I know. The title is ridiculous. There seems to be a trend in current historical romance, in particular the ones published by Avon, to have silly, punny titles. I mentioned it to my husband, who coined an absolute gem of a “so bad it’s good” title, and I’m hereby claiming it as my own, as it appears no one has yet to write a novel entitled Earls Just Want to Have Fun. That one’s mine, bitches. When I finally tire of teaching and decide to become the first Norwegian famous for Regency romance novels, that shall be my debut novel.

Lady Philippa “Pippa” Marbury is decidedly odd by society’s standards, and has known it her entire life. She’s more interested in horticulture, anatomy, physics and mathematics than gossip, fashion, balls and fancy dresses. She wears spectacles. In two weeks, she’s about to marry in a lavish double ceremony with her vibrant younger sister, to a man who’s perfectly nice, and more importantly, is the only one who ever thought to propose to her. As Pippa has always believed in doing thorough research and that this is the way to prepare for everything, she is in need of a research partner who can help her figure out the more puzzling aspect of married life.

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5 thoughts on “Malin’s #CBR5 Review #11: One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah Maclean

  1. I can’t comment yet because I’m writing my own review and don’t want to be intimidated, but I do want to call dibs on “Velvet Is for Viscounts”, “Earl of My Dreams” and “Daisy’s Duke”.

  2. I just read your review as I’ve finished mine. Your plot and character descriptions are always so eloquent, and, as is often the case, we both latched on to similar details. One thing I didn’t find a way to mention is how much I like it when MacLean has characters for whom the course of true love does run smooth, such as Olivia. Not everyone’s story has to have sturm and drang.

    I’m assuming Temple is next. I do so enjoy a big lug now and then. I’m also wondering who the gorgeous housekeeper at Bourne’s townhome inthe first book is for. She’s way to beautiful and interesting to be around for nothing.

  3. Ha ha ha. There isn’t an editing function on these comments, is there? Yeah, the next book is Temple, it’s called No Good Duke Goes Unpunished, just to continue the forced puns. He seems fun, although I do wonder at the amount of eligible dukes there are running around Romancelandia. Considering how many romance heroes are dukes, it seems strange that it was such a big deal to snag one.

    I’d forgotten about the housekeeper – I really need to go back and re-read Bourne’s book. It was fun, and since Maclean never seems to give more attention to a character without there being some sort of plan, I’m sure she’ll return in some capacity or other. After all, Penelope was first the jilted fiancee in the first trilogy, so if the housekeeper doesn’t get her happy ending with either Temple or the fourth one, whose name completely escapes me at the moment, she’ll possibly pop up again in a later series. 🙂

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