Malin’s #CBR5 Review #10: The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey

Rating: 3.5 stars

Alexia lives in a snow castle in the far North and is one of many Godmothers, magically gifted individuals tasked with making sure that stories have happy outcomes rather than end tragically. The force known as Tradition will try to twist events into legendary stories, just as often as not with unhappy endings, and if no one keeps an eye out and intercedes and manipulates gently, a lot more individuals will end up in horrible messes than with happily ever afters.

Popularly known as The Snow Queen, Alexia is a Godmother especially skilled in mirror magic, and also seems to be the one in charge of “Be careful what you wish for”. She has a reputation for being cold as the ice she lives among, emotionless and heartless. Only her fellow Godmothers know that this is just an act.

4 thoughts on “Malin’s #CBR5 Review #10: The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey

    • Absolutely. I’m currently reading a really depressing book for my Norwegian studies, so I can’t wait to have a nice romance to lighten things up.

  1. That has to be one of the worst book covers I’ve ever seen.

    I tried to read Mercedes Lackey in high school, but whatever book I picked up traumatized me in the first two chapters and I ended up returing it without going further. Are there any really good books by her that I could use as a gateway, or should I just stay away?

    • I know! The 500 Kingdom books are generally fun and light-hearted variations on fairy tales and such, but they have the most God-awful covers. Books like these, much more so than a lot of romance I read, make me glad that I have an Ereader, so people can’t see the cover art.

      I must admit, that my experience with Lackey is limited to these books, and I know she’s written a bazillion others, both solo and with other authors, but I’ve never really got round to trying them. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Fire and Hemlock, which is currently waiting in my TBR mountain, but I’m really not an expert when it comes to her books.

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